Brendan's style formed over many years through an amalgamation of several distinct and varied approaches toward the art of instrumental acoustic guitar playing. Quite a dynamic style results that ranges from heavy-handed percussive vibes to subtle soft-stringed lulls. Combining finger-picking, percussion and hands-on tapping, mixed up through the guise of alternate tunings, the listener is presented with a pleasantly palatable form of 'acoustic guitar battery'. Live performance is the only way to fully appreciate the 'one-man band wall of sound' effect that manifests from this virtuosic style. Currently based in Dublin, Brendan performs at some of the city’s original hotspot sessions. Composing and arranging new material are always top priority while also preparing a new 'Gypsy Jazz' group. Having previously earned a Degree in Jazz Performance, Brendan now plans to release a debut EP entitled ‘The Hitchhiker’. Special thanks to the Department of Arts, Heritage and Gaeltacht, Music Network and the Arts Council for their support and funding towards a new awesome sounding Avian fan-fret acoustic guitar!